Voices of a Flyway

This April and May (2019) I will be joining the team of the National Geographic Explorer Jacob Job and embarking on a journey along the Mississippi flyway highlighting the challenges that birds and people confront in the face of a changing world. The impact of human activity on the environment is felt not only by wildlife, but also by humanity itself.


Over 2 months we will be travelling with a billion migrating songbirds from the coast of Louisiana to the boreal forests of northern Minnesota. Along the way we will be examining the mutual difficulties that birds and humans face in a changing world, shining light on the common bond that both share with our planet. Through high-resolution recordings of natural sounds, imagery and interviews with people impacted by environmental injustices, we aim to stimulate mindful listening to nature, introduce species and places of our past, and carve a path to a deeper connection with nature that anyone can participate in.

As a species, we find ourselves becoming more and more removed from the natural world we evolved alongside and within. With urban centers becoming more common, a sensory disconnect between ourselves and nature has emerged. “Voices of a Flyway” aims to rekindle, or create the basis for, our connection with nature. Once complete, all you will have to do is plug in your headphones, turn on a monitor, and you’ll be taken on an immersive journey along the Mississippi flyway in a way that you’ve never experienced before. Ultra-rich, immersive audio coupled with high-resolution, intimate photography will be your guides. Unlike other documentaries, this journey will be crafted especially for your ears.


The sounds of nature are often drowned out by the modern world. Millions of people will not escape noise pollution throughout their entire lives. Sound is one of the most compelling, and overlooked aspects of nature. Immerse yourself through “Voices of a Flyway,” and let the spark light the fire that reconnects us to the natural world and get to know nature yourself.

Connection, in all forms, is vital to our existence. To understand these connections is liberating, none more so than our connection to the natural world.

To get more information about “Voices of a Flyway” and to follow us on our journey, visit https://voicesofaflyway.com/about/




Voices of a Flyway

I will also be posting blogs and vlogs on my instagram (Fawlingfeatherz) and her on my website along the way. Be sure to check in during April and May to join in on the adventure!